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NEO: The Game. An MMO-RTS !

Join a single-server, fully-built and player-driven persistent universe.

  • Build your own vast empire
  • Research technology to evolve
  • Design and command your ship
  • Negotiate treaties and form lasting alliances
  • Fight to ensure your civilization's survival
  • Grand Strategy on an MMO scale
  • No 'Pay to Win'

Start at the bottom of evolution 

And go through the different ages until you reach the knowledge necessary to explore space!

Start alone and go collect your first resources to build your city, collect and craft the first tools and weapons then let your citizens do all the work afterwards!

Create your kingdom

Build walls, manage your army and evolve into the modern age.

Go from a first person view to explore, to a third person view to manage and build your cities on the different planets you colonize.

Manage your food production well, monitor the morale of your peoples, monitor your unemployment or the homeless, keep your stocks of resources full. Happy citizens make a happy leader!

Control Vehicle

Take control of different civilian and military vehicles through cars, tanks, planes, helicopters, other space vehicles through fighters, destroyer, cruiser etc ...

Run the labs at full speed and unlock new buildings and other technologies with science!

Explore space 

And new randomly generated planets through a StarGate or with your Ship.

Take advantage of an icy planet to optimize your nuclear factories or rather a hot planet where solar panels will be more efficient!

Beware of your actions on dynamic climate and watch out for weather and its various, these could backfire on you.

Manage Pollution

Take care of the pollution of your world, will you leave a sterile world behind you? Choose ecology to avoid a global drama or change planet every time you destroy one.

Discover new AI and Player civilizations, make diplomatic exchanges, alliances and start wars on land or space!

Are you going to stay away from the weak or the manipulative?

Will you choose not to influence the evolution of primitive civilizations or will you help them evolve towards science and knowledge?

Design your own ships 

With a Ship Editor and customize your armies, vehicles and your character!

Unlock over 100 scientific researches and become the most powerful empire in the galaxy by colonizing planets and expanding your borders across the various stars of the universe.

I am a young French freelance.

I await your feedback with great pleasure: D


Buy Now9.99€ EUR or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 9.99€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

neo-win64.zip 364 MB
Version 1.26.3
neo-linux64.zip 383 MB
Version 1.26.3
neo-macos.zip 374 MB
Version 1.26.3
neo-linux-universal.zip 342 MB
Version 1.25.2

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Good game :) 


Thanks !


Game seems intriguing, but I would like to see gameplay videos or play a short demo before I buy in. 


for free today

My broke ass splurged on this game to kill some time while I'm stuck at home but it doesn't even load past the first 'initializing' screen after you create an account. Damn. 


Hi, I’m sorry for that, this bug is fixed for the next update 

Try with the account:

User: demo 

Pas: demo 

I tried both and it still won't work!

Restarted server ;)


Thank you!

Fixed in 1.6 ;)


Nice game !